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This company is a concrete nail manufacturer operated in China exporting to the world market. We provide our customers with top quality, innovative concrete nails products.

Deshiquan has a staff consists of highly qualified employees and its infrastructure has room for all activities: administration, lab test, research and development as well as production and stocks management.

We have a complete assortment for each type of concrete nails varying from galvanized concrete nails, black concrete nails, concrete nails without head, concrete nails with twisted shank or twilled shanks, roofing concrete nails, as well as some common round wire nails.

Product Lists:
Black Concrete Nails
Galvanized Concrete Nails with No Head
Galvanized Concrete Nails
Twilled Shank Galvanized Concrete Nails
Cement Nails
Concrete anchors
Common Wire Nails

Galvanized Concrete Nails with No Head

This type of iron nails is made of cold drawn high quality carbon steel materials, heavy galvanized. Smooth shank, no head.

Common specification of concrete nails with no head:
Nail diameter 1.6 mm x Length 20mm
Nail diameter 1.6 x Length 25mm
Nail diameter 1.7 x Length 30mm
Nail diameter 2. 0 x Length 40mm
Nail diameter 2.0 x Length 50mm
Packing:1 kg/box; 25boxes/carton. Then on pallets or into wooden boxes. Packing can be made according to the requirements of customers.

Galvanized Concrete Nails

Galvanized concrete nails refer to the most common concrete nails widely used. Made of high quality carbon steel, zinc plated. Common galvanized concrete nails have smooth shank and round cap.

Common specifications for galvanized concrete nails:
Wire Gauge 9G x Length 3/4"
Wire Gauge 9G x Length 1"
Wire Gauge 9G x Length 1-1/2"
Wire Gauge 9G x Length 2"
Wire Gauge 8G x Length 2-1/2"
Wire Gauge 7G x Length 3"
Wire Gauge 7G x Length 3-1/2"
Wire Gauge 6 x Length 4"
Packing:1 kg/box. 25 boxes /carton. 40 cartons/wooden pallet

Twilled Shank Galvanized Concrete Nails

Concrete nails with twilled shanks are made of high quality carbon steel. It offers good corrosion resistance and good strength. With round nail caps and twilled shanks.

Common specifications of concrete nails with twilled shanks:
9G x 38mm
9G x 50mm
7G x 75mm
7G x 100mm
Packing:0.4kg/box. 50boxes/carton


Cement Nails

Cement nail is another name for concrete nails.
This type has several shank types including smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. The head types can be headless, round head, etc.

Common specifications of cement nails:
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 25mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 30mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 35mm
Wire diameter 4. 0 mm x nail length 40mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 50mm

25boxes/carton. 40cartons wooden palle

Black Concrete Nails

We offer Black Concrete Nails with following specifications:

Nail Wire Diameter: 1.2mm to 5.0mm

Nail Length: 12mm to 254mm

Material: #45 high grade carbon steel

Finish: zinc plated, black concrete nail

Package: 25kg/ carton

Concrete Anchor

We can supply concrete anchors together with concrete nails, mainly hollow wall concrete anchor and stud anchors.

Hollow Wall Anchor is a kind of concrete anchors in the following sizes.
The hollow wall anchor is a sleeve type hollow wall anchor designed for use in base materials such as plaster, wall board, concrete block or hollow tile.

Stud Anchor is quick & easily to install & set pulg in with hammer.
Strong holding power special designed to THREAD DIA=ANCHOR DIA=DRILL HOLE DIA.

A complete range of concrete nails products is what we offer for our customers. Find quality nails, just send email to: