Black Concrete Nails,Galvanized Concrete Nails with No Head,Galvanized Concrete Nails,Twilled Shank Galvanized Concrete Nails,Cement Nails,Concrete anchors etc.
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Black Concrete Nails
Black concrete nails are made from black carbon steel wires. We have several shank types for black concrete nails including smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. The head types of black concrete nails can be headless, round head, etc...


Galvanized Concrete Nails with No Head
This type of iron nails is made of cold drawn high quality carbon steel materials, heavy galvanized. Smooth shank, no head.


Galvanized Concrete Nails
Galvanized concrete nails refer to the most common concrete nails widely used. Made of high quality carbon steel, zinc plated. Common galvanized concrete nails have smooth shank and round cap. We mainly supply galvanized concrete nails with no head, galvanized concrete nails twilled shank and smooth shank.


Twilled Shank Galvanized Concrete Nails
Concrete nails with twilled shanks are made of high quality carbon steel. It offers good corrosion resistance and good strength. With round nail caps and twilled Shanke.


Concrete Nails

With special materials, concrete nails are specialty nails compared with common iron nails. It is harder, the shank is short and thick commonly and it has excellent piecing and fixing strength. With these features, concrete nails make ideal nails and fasteners for firm and strong sites.


Cement Nails
DeShiQuan Concrete Nails Co. offers complete types of cement nails covering galvanized cement nails, color cement nails, black cement nails, bluish cement nails and concrete nails with various special nail heads and shank types. Shank types include smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. The head types can be headless, round head, etc.

Concrete anchors
DeShiQuan is a concrete nail manufacturer operated in China exporting to the world market. We provide our customers with top quality, innovative concrete nails and fastening products.

We can supply concrete anchors together with concrete nails, mainly hollow wall concrete anchor and stud anchors.

Common Wire Nails
DeShiQuan offers various common round iron nails. Most popular nails include roofing nails, round iron nails, boat nails, furniture nails, shooting nails, coiled nails and screw nails.


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