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Cement Nails

DeShiQuan Concrete Nails Co. offers complete types of cement nails covering galvanized cement nails, color cement nails, black cement nails, bluish cement nails and concrete nails with various special nail heads and shank types. Shank types include smooth shank, ring shank, twisted shank, twilled shank. The head types can be headless, round head, etc.

Common specifications of cement nails:
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 25mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 30mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 35mm
Wire diameter 4. 0 mm x nail length 40mm
Wire diameter 4.0 mm x nail length 50mm
Packing: 1kg/box. 25boxes/carton. 40cartons wooden palle

Cement Nails Twilled Shank:
Concrete nails with twilled shanks are made of high quality carbon steel. It offers good corrosion resistance and good strength. With round nail caps and twilled shanks.

Common specifications of concrete nails with twilled shanks: 9G x 38mm, 9G x 50mm, 7G x 75mm, 7G x 100mm.


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